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Civil Engineering Services

    Objective: Low Cost, High Performance Engineering Solutions
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Harold (Hal) Hagenson P.E.    
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 Benefits for You
  • Easily constructed, cost effective civil designs that meet agency requirements
  • Site plan designs that effectively combine architectural and marketing demands with essential infrastructure needs
  • Construction management assistance to obtain the best bids, assure contract adherence, and resolve disputes quickly and equitably
  • Experience with key environmental technologies to provide innovative solutions where 'tried and true' methods donít exist or arenít practical

  • Expedient Service
  • Quality Design
  • Economical Prices

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Grading & Drainage Design
  • Storm/Hydrology Modeling
  • Road & Highway Design
  • Roadway Illumination Design
  • Sewer & Water System Design
  • Septic System Design
  • Franchise Utility Coordination
  • Site Planning
  • Short/Long Plat Design
  • Sub Consultant Management
  • Permit Procurement
  • Complex Project Management
  • Client Liason

We have completed designs and helped implement construction on hundreds of successful projects including Safeway, SeaCast, Cobb Construction, City of Federal Way, Nintendo, Cascade Chemical, Arco and Seattle Parks and Recreation.


Our engineering co-op member LD Engineering, LLC has a presence in Asia. Let us help build that perfect team of International and National experts to give your project the feel and quality you wish.

Hagenson Consultants, LLC is closely associated with two other engineering firms:

We collectively share staff and resources on projects resulting in client care that is expected of larger engineering firms



Harold (Hal) Hagenson  P.E.
Phone: 206.938.6168